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Born to Care
Accurate psychic reading.  ******Very important People from our life time*******

**Ex-President George W.Bush & Saddam Hussein ***they are Indian Brothers Reincarnation from their previos life time***Your name "BUSH"in hungarian it has the meaning "SAD"Anyway you shouldn't be sad because Saddam Hussein is going to be Reincarneted in your family or even your grandson.You going to love him very much and maybe he is going to be the next President of the United State of America in 2055 or 2066**IF WE DON'T STOP THE BUSH FAMILY *DINASTY*  

**EX-President Bill Clinton & Monica Lewinsky** Reincarnated Tiponi *Special Child* Bill Clinton Indian wife
**Hillary Rodham Clinton She is a Reincarneted** Sally Hemings  EX-President Thomas Jefferson black slave**MISTRESS dear Hillary don't you think 8 years First Lady ? what else do you need ? or missing from your life ?

**Sarah Palin**she is a Reincarnated **SALOON GIRL OLD WEST LEGEND**and all the women Governors and Senators from last 20 years. 
**Suse Orman** she is a Reincarnated **SALOON GIRL OLD WEST LEGEND TO**she can tale you how to save or spend your money with your own Children.**Not to
helping tham ? better if thei going to be the next jail residence***BETTER IF YOU KNOW FROM ME YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE IN REST OF YOUR LIFE TIME
**Mr.Bill O'Really*** Host of Fox News Channels He is a Reincarnated GEORGE WASHINGTON the First President of United State of America
*Mrs.Joy Behar Host talk Show The Wiew she is a Reincarnated Martha Washinton the First Lady of United State of America / how feel like to be close whit your ex husband  in the Wiew Show darling ? what was yor feeling like ? 
​*Mrs.Whoopi Goldberg she is a Reincarnated Elenor Parke Curtis Lewis,**Martha Washington grand daughter.*As a talented beautiful *NELLY***1799 she inherited 80 slaves **1802 other 35 slaves**1811 other 40 slaves =155 slaves ? Darling how you feel today if you look in the mirrow ? you did something wrong in your previos life with your slaves ? did you ?You don't like them.**I was your slave in my Previos life I can remember very well***Monica M.H. / Csibi

**Mr.Gleen Beck Host of Fox News Channel He is a Reincarnated General Nathanael Green the same George Washington time.
**Mr.Sean Hannity Host of Fox News Channel He is a Reincarnated Alexander Hamilton Treasury Secretary the same George Washington time.

**Mr.Robert Gates**MAN OF WAR He is a Reincarnated General Horatio Gates.**He was going even after MOSES whit his Army wan Moses left Egypt*** Could you find  other HOBBY PLEASE ***STOP PLYING WHIT PEOPLE LIFE PLEASE*** / pick up some strabbery / or be a shoomaker ? or built Bridge 
**Jesse Ventura**he was a 38-th Governor of Minnesota he is a Reincartated Benjamin Franklin 6-th President of  the Supreme Exeutive Council of Pennsylvania.

**Oprah Winfrey She is a Reincarnated Maria Angelique de Scoraille de Rousilon or FONTAGES PRINCESS a XIV Louis King of France MISTRESS the king was my 
husband, I am the Reincarnated Maria Theresa of Spain****QUEEN OF FRANCE*****today I am M.M.H / Csibi  

***********Ray Charles Robinson****composer He is a Reincarnated Ludwig van Beethoven German composer**************

**Elisabeth Taylor**She is a Reincarnated SAINT ELIZABET HUNGARIAN PRINCESS**PLUS SHE WAS MARRYING 8 time on this life*** Her 8 past life she born as a women,whit all her 7 husbands spand a hole lifetime together on Earth***** together whit Richard Burton 2 life time he was her solemate.
​**ZSAZSA GABOR** She is a Reincarnated SAINT ZSUZSANNA / Susana / MS MARTYR *ARMENIAN PRINCESS / Little Lily / *****PLUS SHE WAS MARRRYING 9 time
Her 9 past lives she was a women,whit all her 9 husbands she spend a hole life time together on Earth.  

Since my youth I have had dreams.  I have been asking our  the glorious god, in all my prayers, to give me such strength and justified power to be able to put a stop the war on our Earth, to abolish the jails and penitentiaries, to terminate the divorce of parents, and to halt the non-stop immigration of crowds.  I've also be asking to get rid of illegal circumstances and unjust laws, as well as end the cruelty and animosity among peoples, like In Moses's time. Now, I can tell all of you that I feel of having such power, thanks to the powers above and to you, the gods. Today, since I am fine, I also have time for doing it and I feel very anxious about helping all of mankind living on Earth.
 After all, we live here.   

The watch that you are wearing should be rewound when it is time.  However, the timepiece of your life should be rewound to conform to the seasons of each year. One dies -- as nature does -- in the fall, but reawakens in the spring.***REINCARNATING***YOU START AGAIN ON OTHER LIFE ON EARTH.  If you don't live accordingly, your life watch will stop very, very soon. Whenever it becomes apparent that no reviving medication would help, exchange its part, like your heart. CONNECT WITH THE WONDERS

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